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In August 2016, Counsyl published the largest expanded carrier screening (ECS) study to date (n = 346,790) in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which found that widespread implementation of ECS would significantly increase the detection of pregnancies affected with serious conditions across ethnicities. Data from this study, along with her response findings from eleven new scientific research posters and presentations, will be available at the Counsyl booth and throughout the scientific program. Highlights from Counsyl on the NSGC scientific program include: Thursday, September 29 Educational Breakout Session B12: Assessment of copy number variation using next generation sequencing data (Room 615-617) Poster B-179: Clinical utility of expanded carrier screening: Reproductive behaviors of at-risk couples Friday, September 30 Concurrent Paper Presentation Session C05: How narrow the divide: Cross lab concordance for expanded inherited cancer panel genes in ClinVar (Room 611-614) Poster C-84: Design and enhanced validation of a 36-gene guideline-compliant inherited cancer panel Poster C-189: Comparing the clinical yield of carrier screening: Genotyping versus exon sequencing Counsyl is committed to sharing data with the scientific and clinical community. The company will also be exhibiting at booth #629 from Wednesday, September 28 to Friday, September 30. The Counsyl booth will feature demos that showcase how the companys services help to simplify billing, support genetic counselors with clear results reporting, and provide patients the best possible information and experience across Counsyls full-range of DNA test offerings: Family Prep Screen : Detects couples at risk of passing inherited health conditions onto their children. Informed Pregnancy Screen : Clarifies true risk for common aneuploidies, sex chromosome abnormalities, and microdeletions. Inherited Cancer Screen : Identifies individuals at elevated risk for hereditary cancers. Counsyl is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of this years NSGC conference, which focuses on the latest information and educational materials for genetic counselors. Visitors to the booth may also receive a professional portrait from Counsyls headshot lounge. About Counsyl Counsyl is a DNA testing and genetic counseling service. We’re committed to helping patients understand their DNA and how it can inform important health decisions.

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on Monday, Oct. 3 at McNeese State University’sRecreational Sports Complex. All students in grades 8-12 can attend. Several colleges, vocational schools, local businesses and trade/Industry representatives will be on-hand to talk with students. For more information, call the school board office at 337- 217-4000. Copyright 2016 KPLC link . All rights reserved. More Local NewsNews More>> Friday, September 30 2016 6:30 AM EDT2016-09-30 10:30:54 GMT (Source: Arts & Humanities Council of SWLA/Facebook) Good Morning. John and Britney herewith a look at what’s coming upon7NewsSunrise.

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